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What makes this estate planning practice different? 

As a single mom of four, I understand the importance of making the most of every minute and being prepared for the "just in case" worst case scenarios of life. My goal in offering virtual legal services to the residents of Pennsylvania is to maximize convenience and minimize hassle. This model helps to reduce costs to you as there is no brick and mortar office, just an office in my own home, thereby reducing overhead costs. But, you still receive expert legal advice from a licensed attorney, not compromising on the care, skill, or knowledge necessary to competently draft your estate planning documents. I am still readily available to answer questions or concerns you may have related to your estate planning. 

How does virtual estate planning work? 

First, submit your completed questionnaire via this website. It will be automatically submitted to me.

Upon my review, I will reach out to you for scheduling of our initial thirty minute consultation, charged at a flat rate of $75. I will send you a link, which will allow to make the payment for the initial consultation and schedule.

Upon payment and scheduling, we will met via your preferred method - video chat (various platforms available) or standard telephone call. During this consultation, we will review your information, confirm the appropriate documents to meet your needs and goals in estate planning, and you will be quoted a flat rate for the completion of those documents.

Upon payment, I will then prepare your documents. They will be emailed to you for your review. In the unlikely event that you feel something needs to be changed or an error is found, it will be corrected and returned to you for additional review. If you prefer a follow up call or video chat to review the documents with me, we will schedule upon completion of the documents. 

Finally, you can elect to receive your documents via email (at a slightly discounted rate) or hard copy via USPS mail.  Either method of delivery will provide instructions for signing. 

Consultation and document review scheduling times are available not only during traditional 9-5 hours, but also in the evening and on some weekends. 

Are the documents provided any less "legal" because of the virtual nature?

 So long as you follow the instructions for signing/notarization, the documents are just as valid as any other document completed in an attorney's brick and mortar office. You have an option to return a copy of completed/signed documents to my office for safe keeping as back-up. If you choose this option, I will review the documents to ensure they are appropriately signed. 

Who can access this service? 

Residents of Pennsylvania. Part of the information collected will be a copy of your driver's license or photo ID. This can be done by simply taking a picture and submitting with your phone via text message.